(Q) Why is the AC unit in the attic making a screeching sound and the pipe outside is frozen?
(A) The blower wheel is broken. Turn the unit off and contact us for help.
(Q) How often should an AC filter be replaced?
(A) If there is any apparent restriction due to dust buildup, it is time to replace the AC filter.
(Q) Is it necessary to add refrigerant to the AC system every year?
(A) Once an AC system is properly charged, there is no need to add or remove refrigerant unless the system has a leak.
(Q) There are two PVC pipes protruding at the eave of my house. Why is one of them dripping water and does the AC system have any thing to do with this?
(A) Yes, both condensate lines of the AC system are in the same spot. Just make sure that the water is dripping through the primary line, and not the secondary.
(Q) Why is water dripping near the soffit vent when the AC unit is running?
(A) The primary drain line of the AC unit is clogged or the evaporator drain pan is leaking.
(Q) Why is the outdoor AC unit humming, and neither the compressor nor the fan motor is running?
(A) The breaker has tripped or no power is getting through the contactor.
(Q) Why is the outside unit running with the thermostat in the off position?
(A) The contactor terminals are fused together. Switch the breaker to off and call us for help.
(Q) The AC unit was cooling just a few minutes ago. The condenser fan motor is still turning, but both freon lines are at ambient temperature. So what went wrong?
(A) The AC compressor is not starting. Turn the unit off to prevent any further damage and contact us for help.
(Q) The outside AC unit fan motor is not turning, but a humming sound can be heard from the lower portion of the AC unit. Why is that happening?
(A) The fan motor may be going bad or is not starting; turn the unit off and have it checked.
(Q) The AC system won't stop running, but the house is not cooling. What's going on?
(A) There may be a freon leak, a blower fan motor not turning, a dirty return air filter, a frozen evaporator, a dirty condenser, or the compressor is not pumping adequately.

(Q) Can condenser coil deterioration cause the AC system to run hot and burn more energy?
(A) Yes. It is not releasing the heat as fast as it should and should be replaced as soon as possible.

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