Preceding every cooling or heating season an a/c or furnace checkup is recommended. We are are encouraging all of our customers to consider and plan to have an air conditioning checkup in the spring and a furnace checkup in the fall.

Although a pre-season checkup is a great idea, most people prefer to use the motto, “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But for those of you who have taken the proper course of action and have had your a/c checked last spring, you most likely have gone through a summer without any a/c problems. It is now fall and the right time for a furnace checkup. Though we are advising everyone to have their a/c and furnace checked before each season, it is not a guarantee that some of the parts will not fail. The true purpose of a checkup is to point out all potential mechanical and electrical failures, and take action to decrease the chance of any unnecessary breakdowns.

Also we want you to be aware that in addition to the electrical and mechanical components, most furnaces are now equipped with electronic devices that require no special maintenance. As long as all of the components are in good condition all is well. However, if any of the parts on the board fail, the entire board will have to be replaced.

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