Variable Speed Fan Coil

AC Repair Sugar Land Performance carrier FV4C air handler

FV4C Performance

Variable Speed Fan Coil
Puron Refrigerant


  •  Coil design optimized for Puron refrigerant
  •  Puron TXV (Thermostatic Expansion Valve) factory installed, maximizes performance
  •  Easy Select Board allows simple configuration to maximize comfort, efficiency, and safe airflow selection
  •  Improved humidity control when installed with Carrier Thermidistat Control
  •  ArmorTech coil with sweat connections
  •  TDR (Time-Delay Relay) factory installed
  •  Condensate pan constructed of engineered polymer and reliable brass drain connections, provides maximized draining performance
  •  Multiple electric entry for application flexibility (high and low voltage)
  •  Variable-capacity unit can be matched with various outdoor unit sizes
  •  Maximizes system efficiency (increased SEER)
  •  Fully-wettable coils to prevent blow-off
  •  Unique cabinet design to meet air leakage regulations
  •  Connections for electronic air cleaners and humidifiers
  •  High-efficiency, variable-speed blower motor (ECM) with potted controls
  •  Field-installed auxiliary heaters available, staged for improved comfort
  •  Factory-supplied washable filter and power plug
  •  Multipoise fan coil design for installation flexibility in upflow, downflow, and horizontal applications – Modular cabinet design available
  •  Ultra low power consumption during fan only operation
  •  HUD-approved for manufactured housing
  •  Replaceable 5-amp auto-type fuse protects control board
  •  Cabinet fully-insulated with high density, 1-in. thick (R4.2) insulation
  •  Air-sealed filter door
  •  Pre-painted 20-gauge galvanized sheet metal cabinet

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