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AC Repair Advice for Homeowners in Greatwood/Sugar Land, TX

Are you looking for an air conditioning company to repair your air conditioning unit in Greatwood/Sugar Land, TX? AC Repair Sugar Land is at your service to repair or install your air conditioning equipment: condensing units, gas furnaces, evaporators, air handlers, heat pumps, etc. If you live in Greatwood/Sugar Land, TX and your air conditioning unit stops working and you are searching for an AC company to repair your Air conditioning unit, look no further. AC Repair Sugar Land is the AC company you are looking for. You can have your air conditioning unit repaired today by simply calling (281) 749-5480.

We service and repair all brands and carry all the necessary parts to do on-the-spot repair and that includes the following: contactors, capacitors, relays, thermostats, thermocouples, gas valves, sequencers, condenser fan motors, evaporator fan motors, etc. Call now and have your Air Conditioning unit repaired today.

There is no reason to panic or worry because your ac system is not working. Despite following the manufacturer’s recommendation to have the ac system checked every spring and fall, the outdoor ac unit completely stopped today. The thermostat is showing the cooling system is on, the indoor fan is turning, but the condenser is not working. The best thing to do when the ac system is not cooling is to turn it off. That will keep the compressor and fan motor from overheating and prevent any further damage to the ac system. Truthfully, the purpose of an ac checkup is to let you know whether the ac system is functioning properly or if it needs maintenance and cleaning. Neither checkup nor maintenance can be used to predict parts failure. All Ac systems are equipped with electrical components that eventually fail and require replacement. Provided that the compressor is not locked or burned out, and no major components of the ac system are leaking, a minor repair is all that is needed to get the ac system running again. Call AC Repair Sugar Land at  (281) 978-5107 to have your ac unit repaired promptly. Efficiency, quality and professionalism are our number one priorities. You can count on us to repair or install your ac unit according to industry standards. If quality matters and you prefer an installation that is serviceable and will last a long time, please call  AC Repair Sugar Land at (281) 978–5107. You can also send us an email to or fill the service request form.

Once in a while we get calls about ac systems that are not cooling and surprisingly, the issue is freon overcharge. Though this issue is as common as an under charged ac system, no one has ever called us to remove Freon; it is always about adding or charging. For the past few years, we have run into quite a number of customers that think that they need to add Freon to their ac system once a year to make sure it is working properly. They believe that the Freon escapes the ac system whether there is a leak or not. We want to remind everyone that a properly charged system needs neither adding or removing of Freon. All leaky components must be replaced or repaired before charging the ac system. We have been to many service calls where the customer assumes that they needed a Freon refill but the issue was something else entirely.
Call us today at (281) 749-5480 for a professional diagnosis. We provide quality repair services that will last a long time.

For all your gas furnace repair, condensing unit repair, heat pump repair, air handler/electric heat repair or installation, please call the number listed above for immediate service. Or, you can fill out the service request form to schedule an appointment by clicking here.

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